Thursday, August 25, 2016

This is why I am learning about Digital Photography


My goal in this class is to learn how to properly take a photograph of fish, nature, and landscapes. I have little knowledge about how to edit photographs, which takes away justice of the colors and and scale of vast landscapes, fish, and the rest nature has to offer to the naked eye that does NOT come out in pictures (or at least my pictures.) Pictured first is a wild female Chinook Salmon caught on a fly rod in Idaho and the second picture is of a German Brown Trout also caught on a fly rod in Idaho. The third picture is a greyling I caught on a dry fly on King Salmon Creek Alaska. Being there in person when these fish are caught does not match up to the scale size of these fish when you handle them. This goes for any type of fish however, so my plan is to experiment with taking pictures of a few fly fishing trips to find the right way to capture the size, and mostly colors of fish that Idaho and Montana have to offer.

Here are a few links of inspiration and ideas on what to capture when fishing.
I really enjoy Nick Price's Photography because it is detailed on what goes into fishing besides the fish that are caught. He focuses a lot on insects and the food that fish eat and the process they go through when rising to the surface to eat.

The top picture is a sunset and the bottom picture is a sunrise both in Ugashik, Alaska. 
Neither of these photos have editing done to them and it would be nice to learn how to edit them to look even more amazing. I look forward to learning how to use light room. 

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