Thursday, September 29, 2016

We were assigned into groups for a 15-29 day Arctic photography trip where we tour around Iceland, Svalbard and the Faroe Islands taking landscape and wildlife pictures throughout. We have an unlimited budget so we calculate gear and travel expenses. We need ideas of where to start and what to take pictures of and my personal choice was to hopefully do some fishing in Svalbard but we will see what the group says! There isn't much wildlife besides reindeer, puffins, and walrus in that area so hopefully fish can be an exception, especially the amazing looking Char. Plus the fishing is great year round. Here is a link of a previous fishing trip by others there. 

Char is an vibrant species of fish and on many anglers bucket lists. Here are a few more pictures of Arctic Char...

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We have gone over a few brief lessons on how to roughly edit photos In Lightroom enough to where it is not too much. I had been messing around with Lightroom a few weeks ago and already with the few tips and key points I learned in Lightroom made a big difference in the outcome of my photos. The biggest thing I learned and that has helped to make pictures I have taken to look the best is learning more about the histogram and looking to see what whites or blacks are too blown out in the picture. Here are my TWO CRITIC Photo's! Let me know what you think of the final products!

East Rosebud; Rainbow Lake

Madison River below Hebgen Dam, Brown Trout. Caught on a Black and white minnow imitation I tied myself! Fall fishing is good for this species because they are spawning right now.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Working with the weather when taking landscape photos.

I found this picture on a website called and this picture was under the title "Work with the Weather" which I feel is very appropriate for this time of the year because Montana weather is full of surprises. My goal with this weather we have been receiving lately is to capture the unique transitions of a nice day to a rainy day or vice versa. Hopefully the mountains are not too cold to backpack in these next few weekends! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

For Tuesday we are supposed to find two pictures that utilize "dominance" in a photo that draws the eyes towards the subject in the photo. I decided to use my brother who is a professional freeskier and he does tons of photoshoots with bright clothing so the attention is drawn towards the action. Here is what I found!

For Thursday's class cancelation I was able to find time to fish on the Stillwater River outside Absarokee and was able to get into a few fish, but I took all my pictures with my IPhone because it was raining and the camera I am using I am borrowing so I did not want to damage it. I have been noticing as I try to fish more and more with a camera I realize how hard it is to juggle fishing equipment, fish, and camera equipment all at the same time, and the IPhone camera size is much easier to handle with one hand. Nevertheless, I walked away with some okay pictures of fish using subject orientation from the book!

Brown Trout

Rainbow on a home tied black and white minnow immitation

Different perspectives 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

For Tuesday's class we were told to mess around with our aperture settings while capturing a photo with a good depth of field. So I went to my house and in the back yard are some very vibrant sunflowers so I decided to experiment with those. I first captured the sunflower in focus with a low aperture, then changed the focus to the storage in the background of the first photo. Here is what I came up with.

Unfortunately I was unable to capture the bee in focus but I still thought it was an interesting shot.

Here are a few pictures taken when I took a trip to the Big Horn, I was unable to take any pictures of fish because I am still learning how to juggle the camera as well as the fish and the rest of the fishing gear hanging off of me. Also I need someone else to catch a fish that I am with.

I went on a backpacking trip to Rainbow Lake out East Rosebud in the Beartooth Mountain's with the camera I will be using for the whole semester. I had no idea how to use it and unfortunately the weather was horrible the whole time we were there, but the fishing was not bad so we were able to eat and take pictures of a few fish. Also because I had no idea how to use the camera I had it on a pretty high ISO function and my pictures turned out not as good as I wanted them to. But it was a good learning experience and even since Tuesday's class I have come to understand much more about the camera I am borrowing. Here are a few pictures I managed to somewhat salvage in Lightroom, but again the quality and weather had pretty negative effects on my pictures.
Lake Outlet

Rainbow Lake

Hybrid Rainbow Cutthroat on a wooly bugger

Hybrid Rainbow Cutthroat on a wooly bugger



Lake Inlet

Lake drainage creek

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pictured above is an edit of a grayling I have been messing around with to experiment with Lightroom. I have never used this application, but I am learning a lot about what effects to manipulate such as exposure, contrast, saturation, clarity, vibrance, etc... 
Below are a few more experiments I have been working with to find what effect works best to bring out the vibrant colors that fish have. 

Which picture looks better? Hopefully you think it is the bottom one. Pictured is a wild cutthroat caught on an all white streamer in the Frank Church Wilderness of Idaho. The shadows of the net are pretty distracting, but at the same time it is nicer than a pair of hands in the picture. 

This picture was taken on the Madison River below Hebgen Lake and above Earthquake Lake just outside of Big Sky Montana. I enjoy the clarity of the water in this picture and it really did not need much editing other than a slight cropping and sharpness adjustments to bring out more detail of the fish. 

I am going to do some backpacking this weekend up East Rosebud in the Beartooth's so I attached a link below that has some great ideas and examples of how to capture the contrast of mountains and reflections off lakes for ideal looking landscape photographs. I am excited to see what I can do with a real camera. Hopefully the weather plays along for the weekend. 

Pyramid Peak Sunrise

Here is a photo from the site that gave me a lot of inspiration for what to look for. I will attempt a shot of my own.