Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I need just one or two more photos for my final project and I was hoping to find time to capture a picture of the milky way and there is a new moon on the 29th of this month so I researched the settings and helpful tips to get good quality photo's. This was the link I found most helpful.

Photo By: Josh Hawley, on Flickr

They said in the article to use a high ISO around 3200 to start with a very long shutter speed of about 30 seconds and you must use a tripod or something to stabilize the camera for that duration of time. Hopefully I can figure it out! 

Friday, November 18, 2016

For this week's blog i decided to look into how to photograph snow the best way and i learned that it is all about the exposure compensation as well as the shutter speed depending on what you are trying to campture as a photographer. The most helpful shutter speed photo he had to show what speed works best when trying to capture the snowflakes in focus was this photo

There were a few more with subjects that utilized the exposure compensation more here are a few.
This is the grey color that comes out in most snow photo's, getting the right exposure compensation can eliminate this.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Share and critique! the First picture is a brown trout caught on the madison river out of ennis Montana

The Second Photo was taken outside of Norris looking over the Gallatin Mountain Range 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

This weekend I am going to go on a fishing trip out towards Bozeman area. I decided to research about how to maximize the best photography of fish pictures. I found a this link,  and it had some pretty good information, but I will be lacking a few equipment necessities that the pros use, but I can still take away some good idea that I found.
The first thing that I need to try using is a polarized filter because it reduces any glare from wet fish or if the fish is still in the water you are able to take a much clearer photo with a polarizer.
The second piece of equipment is waterproof cases to take underwater photos. But that is easy to steer clear of and other options are better for dry photography.
I was able to take away that the person who is holding the fish needs to put some thought and effort into how they hold the fish in order for the photographer to get what they are looking for. I have posted below some sweet shots where aperture priority was used extremely well.

Even though these fish are not trout, I liked how the photographer made the head and face of the fish close to the lens to make it so clear and to show the color and size of the fish, drawing the attention to that instead of the person holding the fish. I will do my best to replicate this shot this weekend!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Critique and Share! I have been finalizing a few photo's in Lightroom from the West Yellowstone trip! I have decided to use a landscape sunrise we were lucky enough to capture with such amazing colors on the way to Cody, WY.

The 2nd photo I decide to share was taken on the upper Yellowstone River of two swans chasing away another swan i decided to crop out because it was blurry and a wing was out of the frame.