Monday, December 5, 2016

Makeup Blog! Heard a lot of great feedback about my photos after I shared them with people. So I believe I will make the investment to buy a Camera within the next year or few month...who knows! But it would be very cool to keep albums of amazing memories of the places I go to and the fish that I catch...I live in a beautiful area so I think that is something I could pick up as a hobby or if I am into it enough maybe become well known! I know I will have the help I need about any questions from Dave down the road, but I was thinking about getting a Canon EOS series camera and probably close to the same camera I used all semester, the Rebel EOS T5. Depending on my budget will make a big difference, but I feel a decent camera with awesome lenses is the way to go. Here are a few ideas of the camera's I would think about purchasing.

Here is the link to a reasonably priced, NEW, Canon Rebel T6 package that comes with an extra 300 mm lens!

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